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Introduction and Philosphy of the institution SANT ATTAR SINGH JI GURUSAGAR MASTAUNA TRUST

is a charitable religious trust registered in 1969. The trust was formed and got registered by founder Sant Attar Singh ji. The trust is run by elected & Life members of the society who are well educated professionals and devoted educationists from the society. The main objectives of the trust are:

  • 1.To carry on the movement started during the lifetime of Sant Attar Singhji, regarding educational institutions, religious affairs and propagation of Sikhism and to open new education institutions for the rural Sikh masses and to work for propagation of the Sikh doctrine.
  • 2. To save movable and immovable properties (Land and building) of institutions started by Sant Attar Singh ji for spread of education, Sikhism and religious affairs, to prevent Jagirs and scholarships/ grants given for this purpose from becoming personal property of a person or unauthorized group, to save it from being misappropriated and to look after incomes from donated properties, grants/ scholarships, Jagirs, subscriptions by the trustees, other associates, life members, fee and subscriptions from the voters from various constituencies and to be responsible for the above mentioned duties.
  • 3. To promote deeper spiritual values in personal and community life.
  • 4. To defuse such useful, secular, social and religious knowledge.
  • 5. To print and publish and newsletter, periodicals, leaflets, books and to utilize other means of mass communication like radio, film and television for spread of knowledge.
  • 6. To train and to maintain the personnel to be in charge of the different schools and institutions of the society.
  • 7. To establish buildings for such purpose such as libraries, reading rooms and to equip them with the necessary supply of books, papers, periodical, furniture and audio visual aids.
  • Various institutions run by the trust help in attaining the objectives of the trust along with contributing the socio- economic development of the State of Punjab as well as of the country, by preparing expert technical/ medical professional to meet the growing need of professionals. Institutions that are run by the trust are as follows:

    • 1. Akal College of Pharmacy & Technical Education, Mastuana Sahib, Distt. Sangrur.
    • 2. Akal College of Diploma Pharmacy, Mastuauna Sahib, Distt. Sangrur (D.Pharm).
    • 3. Akal Degree College, Mastuana Sahib, Distt. Sangrur (B.Sc. & B.A.).
    • 4. Akal College of Education, Mastuana Sahib, Distt. Sangrur (B.Ed.).
    • 5. Akal Senior Secondary School, Bahadurpur, Dist. Sangrur (Primary to Higher Secondary)
    • 6. Sant Attar Singh Academy, Mastuana Sahib, Distt. Sangrur(Primary to Higher Secondary)
    • 7. Sant Attar Singh Gurumat College, Mastuana Sahib, Distt. Sangrur (Religious teaching)
    • 8. Akal College of Physical Education. Mastuana Sahib, Distt. Sangrur (B.P.Ed.)
    • 9. Akal Agriculture Farm, Mastuana Sahib, Distt. Sangrur (Seed Farming).
    • 10. Centre of Sports of Authority of India, Mastuana Sahib, Distt. Sangrur.

    Akal College of Pharmacy & Technical Education is being run by Akal College Council, Gurusagar Mastuana Sahib, Distt. Sangrur. It was established in 1986 as a Diploma Pharmacy Institute that was upgraded to degree pharmacy institute in 2001. Looking at the demand from society Diploma in pharmacy was restarted in 2005 with separate infrastructure and identity as college. The Akal College of Pharmacy & Technical Education welcomes you for study where learning is a perfect blend of oriental wisdom and modern technology.

Courses run:

Mode Of Admission

  • Courses run: Bachelor in Pharmacy No. of Seats: 60
  • Master in Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics) No. of Seats: 18
  • Master in Pharmacy (Pharmacognosy) No. of Seats: 18
  • Master in Pharmacy (Pharmacology) No. of Seats: 18

Admissions to B. Pharm. 1st Semester to this college is made through Common Entrance Test (CET), conducted by Punjab Technical University (PTU), Jalandhar. The University makes advertisement to this effect in leading newspapers. The distribution of seats is as follows:

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